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Cool art by other artists!


Godzilla 2014: The King Returns by SeanSumagaysay

Pretty darn accurate, if I do say so myself! I like the subtly to the scales and body texture here, although it could stand some extra ...

Dino paint by PootDamnYou

It's always interesting to see a non-paleo-artist's take on a dinosaurian form, because there are all sorts of cool design possibilitie...


Matt Frank
Artist | Professional | Other
United States
It's me, Matt Frank! Kaiju artist and commercial illustrator!
Official website:
'Tis the season to remember when Jesus saved Santa's life in the Middle East, so why not celebrate with uncomfortable dinner parties, giant robots, and Ted "Rise Up Megalon!" Thomas?

My best man, :icondaikamonohashi:, just posted his latest video, a Christmas special featuring some wonderfully subtle practical effects work. Go give it a gander and get them some views!

If I made a bi-monthly podcast, would you guys be interested? 

365 deviants said Sure! There needs to be more kaiju-centric podcasts!
26 deviants said Not at all. I find you painfully uninteresting.


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aziria Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist
My goddeeessssssss
ZathoLord Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Hi, Matt.  Since you have been bringing up Gamera lately on Tumblr (I would have posted this on your tumblr page but it would not let me include links), what are your thoughts on him and his foes throughout the years?  Also, could you include your thoughts on unmade and obscure (or video game exclusive in the last monster's case) Gamera foes.  Here are some links for all the obscure monsters I could find:…
                                                  …… (Note: Monga is the squirrel like creature on the top of the image.)…    

Another monster that is not on that wiki would be the Ice Giant.  It would be a humanoid monster with translucent skin that would have allowed you to see its skeleton and have ice related powers.  It sounds pretty creepy, but no official concept art was made for the creature and any images you do find of him on the Internet are all fan made.  I heard he was scrapped for budget reasons, and the movie was transformed into Gamera vs Barugon with the only remaining bit of the Ice Giant that made into would be the ice spray power that was given to Barugon.
KaijuToast Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  Hobbyist Interface Designer
HAPPY B-DAY matt! Godzilla2014plz Mothra2003plz KingGhidorah1991plz Little Godzilla says Hi! Icon Emoticon - Godzilla 1968 Emoticon - Godzilla 1999 Emoticon - Godzilla 2003 Emoticon - Godzilla 1965 Emoticon - Godzilla 1962 Emoticon - Godzilla 2007 Emoticon - Godzilla 1994 Emoticon - Burning Godzilla Emoticon - Godzilla 1992 Emoticon - Godzilla 2004 Emoticon - Godzilla 1967 Emoticon - Godzilla 1972 Emoticon - Godzilla 1991 Emoticon - Godzilla 2000 Emoticon - Yuji Sakai's Godzilla Emoticon - First Godzilla 2014 Emoticon - Godzilla 1955 Emoticon - Godzilla 1984  Emoticon - Mothra Larva (Unleashed) Emoticon - Male MUTO Emoticon - King Ghidorah (G:DAMM) Emoticon - Female MUTO Emoticon - ShodaiGoji  all these guys also wish you a happy and a Merry Christmas, or should should I say, Merry G-mas! :3
KaijuSamurai Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Professional Artist
Wow that's a lot of Godzillas!
KaijuToast Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Oh yeah I just uploaded my redesign of Shiigan
Hope you like it! Sorry, I don't know how to send a link :(
Chwen-Hoou Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014
Hey, Matt. You never told us about the new Colossal Kaiju Combat entries.……

Both are fantastic. Hope we see more soon.
KaijuSamurai Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014  Professional Artist
Thanks for reminding me! 
Chwen-Hoou Featured By Owner 6 days ago
No problem. Keep up the great work.
GodzillaDanger101 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Student Artist
Hey, Matt, could I ask you something?
KaijuSamurai Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014  Professional Artist
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