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February 18, 2010
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Vasteel Heart - Genocide by KaijuSamurai Vasteel Heart - Genocide by KaijuSamurai
Methos's Vasteel from VASTEEL HEART, published by :icongleamingscythe:

Code Name: Genocide
Model Number: VXV-04G Genocide
Model Type: Prototype Long Range/Biological Attack Vasteel
Manufacturer: Virgo Corp.
Pilot: Methos Drakhart
Head Height: 22.5 Meters
Weight: 575 Tons
Propulsion Systems: Experimental Virgo Corp Antimatter Beam Core Drive x1 (Long Distance vacuum flights) 2x Mega Rocket Thrusters (Atmospheric Flight) Graviton Deflectors X2.
Shielding: Yes. Layered Plasma, 650 Hour charge.
Armor Thickness: 3.5 Ft of Composite Nano alloys, 1 Ft. of Composite Titanium alloys
Power Plant: 3rd generation experimental Virgo Corp. compact Matter/Antimatter annihilation reactor.
Estimated Performance Statistics:
Armor Rating: 90
Long Range Offensive Capability: 100
Melee Range Offensive Capability: 60
Maneuverability: 60
Power Plant Performance: 90
Speed: 80
1x Fang, mounted in head.
2x Beam Stingers, mounted on back, capable of switching from single beam to multi beam mode.
2x Beam Machine Cannons, mounted on back.
1x Heavy Fusion Cannon, mounted on back.
32x Sarin Missiles, mounted in left shoulder.
32x Mustard Gas Missiles, mounted in right shoulder.
2x Beam Vulcan cannons, mounted in the jaws of skulls on chest.
12x 'Neo Harpoon' Anti Ship Missiles, mounted on sides of torso.
1x 'Death's Head Shield' which mounts 2x Beam Blasters.
24x SAM Missiles, mounted on left leg.
24x 'Neo Hellfire' Missiles, mounted on right leg.

Humanity spread throughout the solar system and divided itself into three political factions. The Earth United Nation, and The Inner and Outer Colony Federations. Ten years ago, all three factions were devastated in a war against an out of control AI named VIGO. 87% of humanity perished in the war, and all three factions have settled into an uneasy, but much needed peace. But the fragile peace is quickly threatened ten years later when a fleet of alien ships appears on the outskirts of OCF space at the tip of the Kuiper belt. The presence of the aliens makes the OCF a target for it's enemies, and so Virgo Corp., the very organization believed responsible for the creation of VIGO over a decade ago, violates the 'Fall of VIGO' Treaty, and seeks to build a new generation of all powerful Vasteels to quickly do away with the aliens who's very presence threatens to shatter the solar systems fragile peace. As one of the five machines built, Genocide was designed by Virgo Corp. to be as effective at attritional long range combat as possible. It's equipped with weapons designed to rapidly mow down large waves of lightly armored/shielded enemies while at the same time sporting enough armor and shielding to ensure that these 'soft' targets have absolutely no chance of retaliating against it. It's trademark weapons, it's two 'Beam Stingers' are unique weapons that function like a much more pose able scorpion tail. These weapons can rotate 360 degrees around Genocide, and are tipped in Beam Cannons that fire powerful plasma beams. They also serve as Genocide's primary melee weapons, the tips being sharp enough to easily punch through titanium composite armor. Also unique is it's biological weapons, it's Sarin and Mustard Gas missiles. Intended to come to the aid of the Outer Colony Federation and do battle with the alien loiterers known as 'Volarians', it's unknown if these substances would even be toxic against the aliens, but they were included to provide another option. Genocide's most powerful weapon is it's fusion cannon, the massive weapon mounted on it's back. It, along with it's 'Neo Harpoon Missiles' are intended for use against 'hard' fortified targets, such as enemy Vasteels, warships, and fortified positions. Genocide focuses so strongly on offense, that even it's shield holds two powerful beam blasters inside of it. To pilot this incarnation of death, The Earth Liberation Force selected Methos Drakhart, a no nonsense Vasteel pilot who survived the war against VIGO. Genocide is equipped with a system unique amongst Vasteels, or any other form of machine for that matter. The cockpit uses a system named RCRSX. (Refined Combat Reckoning System Experimental) After the war with VIGO, countless nanomachines were scattered by it across the solar system. These nano machines could potentially infect a Vasteel (as well as a number of other machines) and cause the revival of VIGO and extinction of mankind. This is why Vasteels were banned. But the RCRSX system works in concert with the NSI (Neurological Stimulus Implants) that a pilot is equipped with to directly connect a pilot's brain to A Vasteel Heart. This mix of human and machine creates a device that VIGOs viruses cannot presently overcome, and allows the control system to use the powerful computer that is the human brain to achieve VIGO level performance.. Though Methos doesn't have NSI implants installed, his experience as a Vasteel pilot and willingness to join E.L.F. was deemed indispensable by that organization.

Estimated Performance Statistics:
Armor Rating: 90
Long Range Offensive Capability: 100
Melee Range Offensive Capability: 60
Maneuverability: 60
Power Plant Performance: 90
Speed: 80
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Nibroc99 Featured By Owner May 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Somebody should write a story about this thing. It's got so much to play around with, and the thing is just so massive and awesome looking... Well done, my friend.
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