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Keeping it simple for the time being! I'll be adding commissions and streams and Google Hangouts in the future. But for the moment, you'll see progress sketches and "making of" pics if you subscribe at $5 a month and over. Otherwise I hope to use some of these extra funds to help get THE LAST HOPE and....maybe even Godzilla Neo...back on track!
Thanks so much everybody!
Hey little monkeys!
Uncle Matt here. I'm in need of some feedback from my loyal DA followers - I'm considering setting up a Patreon.
Hopefully your collective hissing and pearl-clutching has subsided, because I want to assure everyone that I don't plan on creating aggressive paywalls or being overly exclusionary. I'm just looking for a little extra cash to help fund my own projects and to carry my family through some of the tighter months of the year. Because being a freelance artist doesn't exactly come with a lot of job security!

So here's the setup:
$1 a month for general subscriptions.
$5 for behind-the-scenes sketches and process work/mini-tutorials
$10 for high-rez downloads and maybe a discount on future commissions
$20 for maybe a higher discount on commissions

Commissions would be selected using a random number generator as well, and d
own the line we might include movie nights and hangouts and stuff.

Feedback would be appreciated!
While the larger edition is SOLD OUT, the 11x17 edition is still available!…

Get it while you can! It will not be reprinted and there won't be any future versions planned!

Also, don't forget to pledge to Kaiju Box for another exclusive print!…
KAIJU BOX will be a Loot Crate-style kaiju-themed goodie box, and the first release will feature an exclusive print by yours truly! Go pledge now to get yours!…
Missed your chance to get Rage Across Time #1?
Second printing will be out soon!…
G:RAT comes out August 24th!
Signing tour:

Austin Books and Comics (Austin) - 8-24-16, 3-6 pm
Alien Worlds (San Antonio) - 8-26-16, 3-5 pm
Heroes and Fantasies (San Antonio) - 8-27-16, 12-4 pm
Bedrock City Comic Co. (Houston) - 8-28-16, 12-4 pm

See you there!
Guess who's back? Back again? Matthew's back. And he brought a friend.
Yep I'll be returning to Godzilla work for issue 1 of GODZILLA: RAGE ACROSS TIME, with Project Nemesis author Jeremy Robinson!

I really want to encourage everyone to go out and pre-order the issue, because it might be the only way you can get my cover on launch day in August!
Check the Scifi Japan article for deets!…
Free Comic Book Day! I'll be in Rochester, NH, this weekend! Check the site for deets:…
Occasionally, I moonlight as a Transformers artist ;)
This weekend, I'll be at Botcon in Louisville, Kentucky, so I hope to see my fellow TF fans there!
What started as an April Fool's prank by Toho has been revealed to truthfully be a series of "Godzilla vs. Eva" merchandise to promote ticket sales for SHIN GOJIRA/GODZILLA: RESURGENCE later this summer! Check out the link below!
Update time!

I've been doing a new podcast with One Of Us called THE GIGANTICAST - get caught up on the first three episodes here:

Also, I did a new episode of Rage Select! WHO'S YOUR DADDY? Check it here!…
The new Godzilla design for Godzilla: Resurgence (Shin Gojira in Japan) has been revealed! Check out those chompers!…
Since everyone's jumping on the ol' Podwagon these days, I figured I'd throw in my hat as well with GIGANTICAST hosted on!…

Our first episode focuses on the history of GAMERA! I'm mostly winging it so come give it a listen!
Well shut my mouth.

Apparently it's really happening.

Or rather, it's PLANNED to happen. Plans change, but for one brief moment in time, we can revel in the fact that we not only have an above-average Ultraman series streaming on US computers, a proposed Gamera reboot, a sequel to PACIFIC RIM still being pushed by its director, and a Kong/Godzilla shared universe building towards a big throwdown all at once. I never thought I'd live to see the day.
Now where's my Gappa vs. Guilala movie?

Godzilla vs. Kong:…

It's been cool to see PROJECT NEMESIS, my new mini-series I'm working on with Famous Monsters and Jeremy Robinson, getting some press! The book is scheduled to be released October 7th of 2015, so be sure to go get a copy! It would mean a lot to see if folks are truly interested in my work outside of Godzilla :)……
Last Week!

Considering how modest the goal is, we should be able to make this! Donate now to get a great collection of art, including my own, celebrating Gamera's 50th anniversary!…
*turns around*





Wow, uh, stand by for something I've been working on as a thank-you.

uh.....thank you.

Hey you little monkeys!

I gotta' thank so many of you for coming out to G-Fest this past weekend (instead of that hellpit in San Diego! ;P )

That said, let's do some quick catching-up, shall we?!

- UPDATE! - Go to The Fandomry on Etsy to get yourself some Godzilla: Rulers of Earth jewelry, and soon, even shoes!

- Godzilla 2016 is still in the works, but check this news from SDCC: apparently, Godzilla 2 will indeed have "more Godzilla" :D…

- The BIG news this week was the surprise inclusion of ULTRAMAN X on! The website already features 4 other Ultraman TV shows and X is the first to be simulcast in both America and Japan! Headed by up-and-coming filmmaker Kiyotaka Taguchi, ULTRAMAN X kicked off with a crowd-pleasing first episode with plenty of city-smashing kaiju action!
I recommend going ahead and getting their membership service - it's cheap and a great way to support Tsuburaya in the US!

- Speaking of Ultraman, a teaser simply called ULTRAMAN N/A popped up online the other day. It features an all CG Ultraman battling a redesigned Zaragas in Tokyo. It's heavily Pacific-Rim-influenced, and word has it that it's going to be a new series to celebrate Ultraman's 50th anniversary.…
(Note: the above link is on Facebook and might not work for everyone, but the below version is on Youtube but features different music)

- Shinpei Hayashiya, creator of GAMERA 4 and many other small-budget kaiju features, is coming out with a new flick: RAIGA VS. OHGA! With poster design by :iconkaijusamurai: and :iconzornow:!

That's all for now! More as it develops!
A little late on this one, but the final article of Scifi Japan's retrospective was posted! This time, it's the eventual metamorphosis into the....lamentable eventuality of Godzilla (1998). Yours truly was even quoted! Go give it a gander!…

And the complete article can be found here:…

Enjoy :)…